Thursday, June 26, 2008

i can't wait for the weekend...
to have Damo home with us, to be able to spend time as a family... bliss!

Zhara (the cat) doesn't usually go near B voluntarily, so when this happened last week, I had to take a photo!!!!

A pair of pj's made by me! I love this material! The print is awesome and the fabric itself is sooooo soft! So nice against your skin!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new blog

this is my new blog... not very exciting, but this is me...
B is sleeping, so I'll be off in a minute to speed clean the house before the family are here tonight for my brother's 20th birthday...
to do:
1. dishes
2. clean bathroom
3. clean loungeroom
4. dust
5. vacuum & mop
6. shower with B, wash hair... then do hair & makeup
7. cook dinner
8. get party food ready
9. clean kitchen

hopefully I'll get batteries for my camera tomorrow, so I can add photos...